LTFT (Less than Full Time)

The Less than Full Time (LTFT) Scheme is aimed at meeting the needs of those trainees who would like to train part time for well-founded reasons such as dependent children or adults, ill health or disability. LTFT trainees work and train between 50% and 80% of the whole time equivalent basic hours with on-calls and weekends calculated in line with intensity of the departmental rota.



The Clinical Education Department works in conjunction with the College Tutors and Programme Leads to maximise the training opportunities for LTFT trainees and this includes allocating part-time trainees to slot share positions where possible. Trainees should be aware that slot-share partners may change during their training period at the Trust since this allows for the maximum number of LTFT trainees being accepted without delay.

Requests for LTFT training must be discussed with the Clinical Education Department and College Tutors or Programme Leads as early as possible since arrangements including HEKSS approval may take some weeks.
Trainees due to commence at DAG who wish to train LTFT from the outset are required to contact the Clinical Education Department for guidance.
To avoid missing valuable educational opportunities trainees are encouraged to be as flexible about their working patterns as is reasonably practicable.
Regional Policy and the application process may be viewed on the HEKSS website:
For contact details of who to contact within the Trust see our Who's Who section

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