The clinical education department have been fantastic throughout my time at DVH. The whole team are very approachable and really supportive. I can't praise them highly enough.
The experience at DVH as a student was truly rewarding. Having returned to DVH as a foundation trainee I found my transition to being a doctor enjoyable due to the extremely supportive staff both in the clinical setting and education department. DVH provides its trainees, through its well-organised teaching programme, an excellent opportunity to continue developing their clinical knowledge. It is indeed the perfect environment for academic and clinical development.
The clinical education department at DVH is the best run, friendliest and most helpful of any I have worked with in my career. Their door is permanently open for help, advice or just a chat. No problem is unsurmountable and you feel that everything is done with the junior doctors best interests at heart. The department itself is dynamic, with loads going on and much to become involved in. Leadership programmes, teaching initiatives and simulations sessions are springing up all the time. The department really tries to ensure that junior doctors are seen as a vital and central part of the running of the hospital by highlighting all the work that they do on a regular basis. The department is definitely a real selling point of working at Darent Valley being one of the best aspects of working in the trust.

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