Teaching and Tasters


The Foundation Trainees will be expected to attend a minimum of 70% of the foundation training programme, the foundation rotas have been designed to allow a greater attendance. However, if the 70% attendance has not been met for good reasons, it may still be appropriate to confirm that the Foundation doctor has met the required standard by making up 20% of the missed sessions by completion of appropriate on-line learning modules or attendance to alternative teaching programmes. The teaching programme is based directly on the STFS curriculum. Trainees are expected to provide feedback on the education received to help further develop the education programme. We have developed a high-tech modern simulation and skills suite which will allow doctors to further enhance their practical skills and help build their team working abilities and decision making progress.


Tasters all a Foundation Trainee to spend a period of time in a specialty which is not included in their Training Programme and where the trainee has not previously worked. They enable the development of insight into the work of a specialty and promote careers reflection.

In addition to allowing a trainee to consider if a certain speciality is of interest to them, the completion of a taster suggests to future recruitment panels the trainee is dedicated and committed to their chosen specialty.

Whilst STFS encourages F2 trainees to complete a taster in their first F2 rotation, they also allow F1 trainees to ‘borrow’ up to five days of their F2 study leave allowance in order to complete a taster in their last four months as an F1.

For more information on Tasters see: stfs.org.uk/doctor/tasters

To apply trainees should complete and submit the Taster form to the Medical Education Officer: Download Taster Form

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