Study Leave

Key People:

  • Study Leave Administrator:
    Caroline Page
  • Easy Expenses Team:

    ext. 8209, 8313, 6757

Study Leave Process

Step 1

Review the list of courses available to you on the PGMDE Support Portal: Complete a study leave form for the course you wish to attend. 

Forms are available to download below, on ADAGIO or can be collected from the Education Department.

You will need to write the code of the course you are choosing to attend on the form, highlighting if this is Mandatory, Optional or Aspirational. All study leave application forms must be signed by your Educational Supervisor, Rota Manager and yourself. Incomplete forms will be returned to you.

Step 2

Submit the completed form to the Clinical Education Department.

Your mandatory training will be checked by the Education Administrator, as claims will not be approved without compliance on training requirements. To check if you are up to date with your training, you can access Statutory mandatory training via Compliance Checker on ADAGIO and Clinical Mandatory training on Training Tracker.

Step 3

Once your request has been approved by the Director of Clinical Education, you will receive a confirmation email from the Education Administrator confirming the request and any outstanding mandatory training to complete.
For further guidance on claiming expenses, please see documents below.

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