SAS Doctors

Key People:

  • Trust SAS Lead:

    Dr Selwyn D'Costa

  • SAS Medical Education Officer:

    Tracy Belcher

Staff Grade and Associate Specialists (SAS) Doctors.

Darent Valley hospital welcomes SAS doctors within the Trust, and we have SAS doctors in almost all specialties. The SAS Tutor and Clinical Education team are dedicated to looking after the needs of these doctors and optimising training opportunities.

Each department within the Trust has an SAS representative who is required to attend LFG (Local Faculty Group) meetings that take place three times a year. These enable the college tutors and clinical education team to identify where additional career support can be provided; and of any training opportunities required to maintain annual CPDs towards achieving satisfactory appraisals.


Health Education, Kent, Surrey and Sussex (HEKSS) support the SAS doctors in funding various educational and training courses. These include all courses facilitated by other Trusts within the Local Education and Training Board (LETB). We actively encourage SAS doctors to progress in their career, and regularly run a broad range of courses at Darent Valley hospital aimed at improving the personal and career development of all staff members.

We also run CESR (Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration) workshops at DVH each year. This has been a very popular event among the SAS doctors wishing to apply for CCT through article 14, and is run by the GMC specialist team who actually assess these applications at the GMC. Further study such as MSc, MD & PhDs are also encouraged in their chosen specialties and we provide generous funding in achieving that.


For further information, please view the SAS handbook below:

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