Key People:

  • College Tutor:
    Dr Abdul Hasib
  • Clinical Director:
    Dr Alok Gupta
  • Rota Manager:

    Michelle Hemple

  • Medical Education Officer:

    Dee Jessup

  • Doctor's assistant:

    Sue Clarke


The Paediatrics Programme at Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust allows all trainees to develop paediatric and neonatal skills, through the provision of comprehensive and advanced training.
Trainees will spend time in general paediatrics, the Special Care Baby Unit, postnatal wards and delivery suite, children’s outpatients, Paediatric Assessment Unit, Paediatric A&E at DVH as well as having the opportunity to attend the outpatients department at Queen Mary’s Hospital, Sidcup.
Each rotation consists of doctors across all training levels including Foundation, General Practice and Core and Higher paediatric trainees. The programme has clear milestones and opportunities for professional development and learning, geared towards the individual’s training level. The training opportunities will range from the clerking of patients to investigations, the delivery of treatment and the formulation of management plans under the guidance of Middle Grade doctors and Consultants.


The Paediatric directorate have adopted a wide variety of teaching approaches including web-based learning, ward-based clinical teaching, exposure to outpatients, courses, audit projects, regular teaching specific to year and speciality and also multi-speciality teaching which would include community paediatrics and safeguarding training.
Protected teaching sessions are in place and the programme is linked to curricula.

At a regional level paediatric trainees are encouraged to attend their regional training days, some of which are provided at Darent Valley Hospital.

Exceptional Reporting Guide Link -


The RCPH e-portfolio is a key aspect of a trainee’s learning in the programme and is an essential mandatory requirement as it provides an audit of progress and learning. It is a key tool for trainees to record assessments and development logs, and allows educational supervisors to work with trainees to create personal development plans (PDPs).
For more information on training in Paediatrics please visit the Paediatric and Child Health website:

Local Faculty Group

The Local Faculty Group (LFG) consists of the college tutor, medical education department, clinical and educational supervisors and allied healthcare professionals in the department.

LFG meetings take place every 4 months at the end of each rotation. This allows for feedback from both training and non-training grade doctors, and the opportunity to review highlights and areas of improvement/concerns. Trainee teaching attendance and e-portfolio progress are also discussed, to identify any factors contributing to limited educational opportunities and any further support required. 

Following the LFG, feedback is presented to the Local Education Board (LEB) by each department for review. 

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