Key People:

  • Medical Education Manager:

    Helen Addison

  • Deputy Medical Education Manager:

    Tracy Jollie

  • Medical Staffing Managers:

    Nabeel Hussain & Jade Bourne

Doctors joining the Trust will receive an offer letter from medical staffing and requests to complete the relevant pre-employment checks, including occupational health screening. This will be followed by an invite to induction from Medical Education, including all post information such as supervisor allocations and departmental guides/handbooks.

New starters will also receive a list of the required mandatory training, which we ask to complete within the first 2 months of starting. Please note, compliance of this mandatory training is essential to apply for Study leave and reminders of outstanding modules are sent throughout the year.

Foundation Year 1

F1 doctors join Darent Valley Hospital for their training in the last week of July each year. Induction includes several days shadowing F1 leavers, as well as Trust induction and IT training. This allows new trainees the opportunity to meet programme directors and the clinical education team, to ask any questions or seek further information as required.

All other training grades

We welcome all new trainees on the 1st Wednesday of August each year. The first day at the hospital consists of Trust induction and IT training, followed by specific departmental inductions and networking.

Additional inductions are also held for doctors joining the Trust outside of rotation dates in March, April, September and October. 

Please see the departmental handbooks listed below.


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