Key People:

  • Training Programme Directors:

    Dr Parag Pandya

    Dr Purnima Sharma

    Dr Haroon Mufti

  • Medical Education Officer:

    Naila Rashid

The Dartford General Practice training programme is delivered in conjubnction with Health Education England, Kent Surrey and Sussex. This 3 year programme is facilitated by Programme Directors, dedicated trainers and a Local Faculty Group that is experienced and supportive.

Each training year is defined as ST1/2/3 and collectively all posts and teaching have been developed to ensure trainees receive an enriched training experience; with full educational support in order to achieve a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) from the GMC.

The ST1 and 2 years consist of six four-month posts based at Darent Valley Hospital, including Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Medicine and General Practice. These General Practice posts can also be taken as an ‘Integrated Training Post’ (ITP) which allows trainees to have dedicated timetabled sessions in Palliative Care, Orthopaedics, Cardiology or Clinical Commissioning.

The final ST3 year is spent in one General Practice in the Dartford area with a dedicated Educational Supervisor. Trainers in the Dartford scheme are located across Dartford, Gravesend and Swanscombe and trainees will be based across these sites for ST3 year.

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Educational Supervision

During the thirty-six months of training a trainee will be allocated an Educational Supervisor who will be a practising General Practitioner within the Dartford Training Programme. A hospital Consultant will act as Clinical Supervisor for each of the four-month posts during the ST1 and 2 years of training. These colleagues work collaboratively with the Training Programme Directors to provide relevant and robust training and support for the trainees.


Our teaching programme has been developed by working closely with registrars across all specialties, to map the curriculum and provide the learning and skills required to become a successful General Practitioner. Also incorporated are exam preparation and simulation sessions.

Teaching takes place each Wednesday afternoon, for three ten-week terms per annum. The ST1 and 2 trainees are timetabled to attend a minimum of three sessions per term and are expected to attend the local teaching programmes of the hospital specialties they are training in.

In addition to this, we offer a highly rated residential for the GP trainees that takes place each year. This provides the opportunity for networking and block teaching by specialist speakers.


Those on the General Practice Specialty Training Programme are required to register with the Royal College of General Practice to be assigned an e-Portfolio account. The package allows trainees and their trainers to maintain a learning log and keep a record of education and development, reflective practice and assessments in order to provide sufficient evidence for the CCT.

Trainees are required to keep their e-Portfolios up to date; this is regularly monitored by the Clinical Education Department and support provided as required.

For more information on GP training please visit the RCGP website: Royal College of General Practitioners (

Local Faculty Group

The Local Faculty Group (LFG) consists of the college tutor, medical education department, clinical and educational supervisors and allied healthcare professionals in the department.

LFG meetings take place every 4 months at the end of each rotation. This allows for feedback from both training and non-training grade doctors, and the opportunity to review highlights and areas of improvement/concerns. Trainee teaching attendance and e-portfolio progress are also discussed, to identify any factors contributing to limited educational opportunities and any further support required. 

Following the LFG, feedback is presented to the Local Education Board (LEB) by each department for review. 

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