Mandatory Training

Mandatory Training

As employees of DGT trainees are expected to complete Mandatory Training within the first month of employment at the Trust.

The mandatory training requirements listed for each programme/specialty consist of modules required as part of contractual employee requirements as determined by the 'Skills for Health' frame work and by HEKSS, STFS and the Royal Colleges.


The Induction for Postgraduate Doctors in Training is delivered on the first Wednesday in August and October each year and includes a number of mandatory topics in addition to information on local policies and processes. The Clinical Education Department communicates with new starters ahead of the date of commencement to provide details of the programme.

Trainees commencing in August and October are expected to attend and will not be included on the on-call rota for these days. The departmental inductions for these trainees will be delivered in the first week in post.

Trainees commencing in September are invited to attend either the August induction prior to commencing at the Trust or the October induction once in post. The departmental inductions for these trainees will be delivered in September.

Any trainee commencing at other times throughout the year will be booked onto the Trust's Corporate Induction and should liaise with the Clinical Education Officer for their speciality regarding the additional 'doctor specific' topics.

All Trainees commencing in post should be booked for EDN & PAS training as near as possible to their start date, you will be notified of your booked date via your induction pack.

From August 2016 the Trust took a decision to introduce e-Induction for most mandatory topics created using our new system Training Tracker. The system is an all-in-one e-Learning system which record all of your learning allowing you to download and keep certificates for future use. Additionally the system records all of your e-learning and will send you e-mails to remind you when you are due to repeat the training. The modules were created alongside the facilitators of the induction to ensure the content was relevant and accurate. All new Trainees will be registered for Training Tracker prior to their start date and handed out an information sheet in their Induction Pack to advise them on what modules will need completing.

Trainees are reminded that all mandatory training including both online and classroom based) should be completed within three months of commencing their post at the Trust. If you are unsure of what mandatory training you need to complete please contact the below officer.

Please contact the Clinical Education Department on

Additional Mandatory Training

Not all topics can be delivered as part of Trust Induction and trainees are required to complete all training within a month of commencement. Study leave will not be granted until all topics are complete.

Details of which topics are required can be viewed on the following guide ‘Additional Mandatory Training’