The professional library is open to all staff 24 hours a day and is the first port of call for books, reports and journals, whether in print or on the internet.
Our own book and journal stock covers all NHS disciplines, and if we do not have the title or article you want we can get it for you at no charge. Other services available include information skills training, access to electronic resources including UpToDate and printing facilities. Furthermore, the library can offer advice and guidance to help make the best use of the information available.
The professional library provides a quiet study space, with Wi-Fi and computers, in this busy hospital environment.

Managing your References

What is it about?

Suitable for anyone who is studying, writing a paper or doing research and needs to manage their references. You will look at some examples of bibliographic management software available with practical sessions on how to use it including creating a bibliography and cite while you write. Basic IT skills are essential to attend this session.

How to Reference

What is it about?

Suitable for anyone who is studying, writing or doing research and needs to have a basic understanding of how to reference and to avoid plagiarism. Concentrating on Harvard but also taking a look as some of the other referencing styles used and what information you need to collect for your references.

Finding and Accessing Journal Articles (Using the Healthcare Databases)

What is it about?

Are you finding it hard to find relevant, recent and high quality information? This course will show you how to use databases such as Medline, CINAHL and EMBASE to search for articles, as well as showing you how to use your OpenAthens ID to access and download articles. You will also find out how to set up alerts to notify you when new content is added which matches your search criteria. Basic IT skills are essential to attend this session.

Finding the Evidence (Searching for Evidence Based Practice)

What is it about?

This hands on session leading on from How to find information will aid you to find the evidence you need to support your research or for patient care. It covers a look at the hierarchy of evidence as well as searching for Cochrane systematic reviews, guidelines, randomised control trials and patient pathways. Basic IT skills are essential to attend this session.

How to Find Information (Starting your research)

What is it about?

This session is ideal for beginners of literature searching as well as those in need of a refresher. It covers everything you need to start putting your search together, from different searching techniques, to a look at a variety of online resources available to you using your NHS OpenAthens password. Basic IT skills are essential to attend this session.

Critical Appraisal of Systematic Reviews

What is it about?

Do you already have some experience of critical appraisal but want to expand your knowledge? A look at what a systematic review is and why you need to appraise them?

During the session you will use a checklist to appraise a systematic review to assess its validity and relevance.

Making Sense of Statistics

What is it about?

Following on from the Exploring Critical Appraisal session find out about some of the statistical methods you will come across when reading a journal article or report. These include distribution, types of data, p-values, confidence intervals, measures of effect, probability, statistical tests and forest plots. Suitable for anyone who already has an understanding of critical appraisal.

Exploring Critical Appraisal (How to read a paper)

What is it about?

Do you need to appraise the evidence as part of your course work or for your evidence based practice? If you are a beginner at critical appraisal or just need a refresher this session will give you an introduction to the basics. Mainly concentrating on quantitative research but including an introduction to appraising qualitative research. You will be working in groups using checklists to assess the validity of some research articles.

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