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Human Factors and Simulation Training Officer

Upcoming Events:

  • Care of the Older Person Simulation Wednesday 20th June 2018
  • Simulation Faculty Development 28th June 2018

The Clinical Education Department would like to introduce our new team member Phil Gurnett. Phil is our Human Factors and Simulation Training Officer, which is a very exciting and pioneering role for the Trust.

Human Factors is the scientific discipline that works to understand the interaction of humans with their environment, systems and others. In healthcare, this can be used to improve patient safety by looking at team working, the systems design and interaction, the environment the team are working in and the organisational and personal behaviours. By better understanding these, practitioners are able to be more aware of human factor influences in critical clinical situations and in investigations we can apply human factor principles to better understand what went wrong and share that learning with others.

Phil is here to work with teams and individuals across the Trust to provide training on human factors and use simulation to help identify threats in practice areas.

You can contact Phil directly by emailing him on: phil.gurnett@nhs.net or on bleep 705.