Clinical Support and Guidance

Educational Supervision

All Trainees are allocated named Educational and Clinical Supervisors for their training period and these Consultants work in collaboration with the Foundation Programme Directors and Clinical Education Department to provide a fulfilling educational experience in a supportive environment.

The Educational Supervision is usually the supervising Consultant of the first post, and it is allocated to each Foundation Programme doctor for the whole of their year here at the Trust. They remain linked to the trainee for the entire training period at the Trust and in addition to the clinical teaching, they ensure the teaching of specific skills and competencies, assist the trainee to develop confidence in the ongoing acquirement of skills and knowledge and ensure the required assessments and feedback are in place and appropriate. In addition, the Educational Supervisor provides career advice, pastoral care and general guidance.

Clinical Supervision

A Clinical Supervisor is allocated for each individual training post and is the Consultant who provides the everyday supervision for a trainee. This includes on-going clinical teaching and support in clinical activity via developmental conversations, regular feedback and the provision of a rapid response to issues as they arise.

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