Simulation and Skills Training

The Centre’s facilities include a Simulation and Skills Suite and a recently opened Clinical Skills Lab specifically designed for Undergraduate Medical Students.

The extensive range of high functioning manikins includes:

  • SimMan® 3G
  • SimMom®
  • SimJunior®
  • SimNewB®

Additionally we can increase the fidelity of the simulation experience with the use of simulated patients to allow a more realistic interaction in some scenarios.

Sessions can take place within the Suite, designed to mirror a generic clinical space, or ‘in situ’ where simulation is physically integrated into the real clinical environment. The audio and visual recording system provides instant feedback capabilities assisting and enhancing the debriefing, which is an essential part of the simulation experience.

The Simulation team deliver a variety of courses with the assistance of clinical experts including:

  • Multi-Professional Simulation programme (MPS)
  • Clinical Speciality days
  • Critical Care Transfer days
  • Deteriorating Patient simulation
  • Medical/ Nursing student simulation

The Clinical Skills Lab is situated at the entrance to the library and is ideal for small group skills teaching or as an Independent Learning Environment (ILE). This allows learners to practice skills on part task simulators prior to clinical practice. It can be booked for sessions or, if free, used as an ILE.

There are many part task simulators available for multi-disciplinary staff to use in their personal development, including:

  • Urinary Catheterisation
  • Phlebotomy and Cannulation
  • Suturing
  • Ear and Eye examination
  • PV examination
  • Breast examination

You can follow the simulation team on twitter @DvhSimulation and we are always keen to hear people’s ideas of how we can develop and assist their educational programmes.

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