Other Initiatives

Several other initiatives were led and facilitated by the Leadership Faculty members throughout the year. Details are below:

The Trust Values

The culture and character of an organisation is underpinned by its values and our behaviours.

Following discussions by the Leadership Faculty and Engagement events in which over 300 staff participated, our Values were presented to the Trust Board by Andy Brown (Director of Human Resources) and approved in October 2014.

They are:

  • Delivery of high quality care with compassion to every patient.
  • Demonstrating respect and dignity for patients, their carers and our colleagues.
  • Striving to excel in everything we do.
  • Working together to achieve the best outcomes for our patients.
  • Sustaining the highest professional standards, showing honesty, openness and integrity in all our actions.

After Action Review

After Action Review (AAR) is a Multi-professional learning tool that enables individuals involved to learn for themselves, what happened, why it happened, what went well and what could be improved upon. It is a timely intervention that generates insights into behaviours and actions in a safe, no blame setting and has the potential to generate greater awareness, changed behaviours, stronger teams and even a shift in the culture from blame to learn.

AAR was launched at DVH in September 2014 with the help of the AAR Team at UCLH. This is also a part of the trust response to the CQC recommendation to ‘implement learning in response to any incidents or events’.
AAR implementation at DVH is led by Dr Relwani, Leadership Tutor and facilitated by Vikki Leivers-Carruth, Director of Nursing and Dr Bokhari, DME.

Schwartz Rounds

A Schwartz Round is a multi-disciplinary forum where staff describe their experience of looking after certain patients and the emotional impact this had on them. This process enables staff to feel cared for, improves staff morale and helps to sustain their reserves of empathy and compassion in dealing with future patients.

Schwartz rounds were implemented at DVH in November 2014 led by Dr Colin Weekes and facilitated by Dr Bokhari.

PATH – Partnerships Advancing Transformations in Healthcare

Inherent in effective leadership is the ability to work with others and understand the roles and responsibilities of those who share the task of leading in an organisation as well as promoting shared goals, values and behaviours.

The aim of the Partnerships Advancing Transformations in Healthcare (PATH) is to bring together multi-professional healthcare workers to form partnerships and participate in work-based projects which will result in improvements to service delivery and patient care whilst building new and positive relationships between colleagues.

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