Leadership at DGT

Our trust recognises the importance of clinical leadership and aspires to be clinically led and managerially supported.

Our Leadership Faculty has been operational for two years with the purpose of:

  • Promoting Leadership Innovation
  • Supporting leadership development for all trainees and more widely across the Trust for all healthcare professionals at all levels
  • Creating a resource of leaders over time with the skills to resolve ‘Wicked Problems’

Key People

  • Trust wide Leadership Tutor: Dr Anu Relwani
  • Deputy Medical Education Manager: Mrs Tracy Jollie
  • Medical Education Manager: Mrs Helen Addison
  • Director of Clinical Education: Dr Ali Bokhari
  • Clinical Tutor: Miss Urmila Singh
  • Chief Executive: Ms Susan Acott
  • Medical Director: Dr Steve Fenlon
  • Director of Nursing & Quality: Mrs Siobhan Callanan
  • Director of Human Resources: Mr Andy Brown
  • JDSIB Chair: Dr Aranghan Lingham
  • JDSIB Co- Chair: Dr Daniel-Clement Osei-Bordom
  • JDSIB SAS Chair: Dr Rajendran Sucharita

The above are members of the Leadership Faculty whose wider membership is continually evolving with the intention to have an engaged, effective and diverse membership and an emphasis on multi-professional development. Trainees are invited to participate in Leadership Development and Projects.

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